Thursday, March 15, 2012

AkASL Top 25 Speed Session!

What impressed me the most about this presentation was watching the presenters collaborate with the LiveBinder product in the restaurant the morning of the session as they prepared. Any product that easy to work with in a collaborative setting, which can in turn be used for the presentation is worth investigating! While they did cover a lot of ground, maybe even too much for those of us wanting to look at the products on the computers they invited us to bring along, with the information housed in the LiveBinder it is gathered together nicely and easy to revisit.

As for other favorites from the presentation I latched onto because it doesn’t require setting up an account or having an email, which will be so handy for our students. I also took the plunge and set up an Edmodo account. Now I need to get busy and give it a good trial run! And I want to look into the LiveScribe smart pens.....when I have a minute!!

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