Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top 25 Websites for Teaching & Learning

Smackdown of favorites from ALA Conference
Robin, Erica, Nicki and Ann shared their favorites from their trip to ALA earlier. The first thing they shared is Livebinders - a place to collect and organize resources for classes, projects, or anything! Livebinders seemed an excellent alternative to LibGuides, which is too costly for many educators. I currently use wikispaces for most of our library/class resource lists and pathfinders. I am going to try Livebinders for my next pathfinder and see how our students and staff like it.
Ann spoke about ebooks, which is something I am interested (and undecided) about for our library. It seems that publishers are a little behind in figuring out the pricing structure for ebooks. There are a few places online to access free ebooks: Project Guttenberg, googlebooks, Baen Books and at iTunes, Lit to Go. Ann also spoke to online and digital textbooks. There are many questions about platforms, devices and bandwidth for the interactive texts, AND they are the same price as print and labor intensive to load on multiple devices.

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