Friday, March 2, 2012

The Choice is Yours: Bringing Young Readers Choice Award to Life in Your Library

I have heard about Young Reader’s Choice, but did not know the details. This session was very valuable. It sounds like a very simple program to run and I would love to offer it in our library.

To be eligible, a book must be published 3 years prior to the award year, and sequels are not eligible. Teachers, students, librarians, parents or any literature lover can nominate titles. Nominations are due by February 1st. The state representatives create the ballot, which has 6-8 titles for each division (age range). Only students can vote - the time frame is March 15 - April 15.

Parts of this program that could provide a challenge:
  • The voting time frame is immediately after Battle of the Books
  • I believe students might be confused that the books they spend the year nominating will not be the same ones they vote on in March and April. I believe I will focus on the voting participation for the first year, and nominate books based on circulation statistics.
Sara Saxton is our state’s representative. She has created a wiggio ( network for Alaskan participants in YRC. Anyone who is interested can join... I did!

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