Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 more Journal Entries

The Keynote Program: The Anythink Libraries
--Pam Sandlian-Smith presented this fantastic and very moving presentation about the amazing turnaround of the Adams County Library District in Colorado.  She explained how Anythink is not just a program for change, but an actual mindset.  It is upbeat, positive and fun.  Ms Sandlian-Smith is an exceptional motivational speaker and I feel ready to leave and change all of the Libraries in Cordova!!  
(That was my journal entry immediately after the program)
--Now upon reflection....I am still motivated by the interest that her programs have gathered and the changes that she and her staff were able to put forth in her community.  But with that said, I have a bit of a different opinion now that I have had time to reflect on the entire concept.  I think that some of the ideas are great, but as a whole, I think that the entire project turns the libraries into a interactive children's museum.  I like using some of the ideas, but we already have Barnes and Nobles and Boarders and I hate to see libraries turn so commercial.

Everyone is Creative
Ms. Sandlian-Smith was the presenter of this fun and interactive program.  The motto of the presentation is that everyone can do this and that we are all creative in our own right.  After we were given the tools, we were to form a group and create our own hand-on experience zone, and then present it to the group.  We used the Zone plan outlines that we were given and it was a loud, fun, and interesting experience.  Once again, I must say that I feel that a lot of what she is trying to so with the Anythink program is better served in a museum setting, but this was an interesting way to get the patrons involved in the learning and library experience.

President's Program:  Marketing That Makes a Difference
A few minutes to absorb all of the information from the previous hour with Ms. Sumerall at the Building Clout in a tough climate program was enough of a break before we jumped into Marketing That Makes a Difference, also with Ms. Sumerall.  It was a natural segway and a necessary expansion on the information from the previous hour.  If nothing else was gained from this presentation, the 10 things that hold true for Libraries to be vital to the community was needed information.  Coming up with a communication plan and mapping how and what the tools are that will be used during that process was enlightening.  Excellent information to return to a small community with and a needed resource for beginning to form a plan of funding for community libraries.

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