Saturday, February 25, 2012

Authors to Alaska Luncheon

Great session listening to Sneed Collard talk about his life and background as a writer and how he worked his way up to a pretty impressive oeuvre. It all seemed to follow so naturally/logically and yet we all know the choices we have to make at every step and how easy it to take another path. He could just as easily followed his passion for science without following the passion to write about it. So glad that he did not ignore the urge to write! The books he has written are popular with kids, often boys. Sharing his knowledge and passion is a great gift to us all. Very engaging speaker, and I bought one of his border collie books, since I own (or serve as host for) one of those amazing dogs. We were lucky to have not just one, but two authors at our table: Jean Lester and Gay Salisbery. Judie Tripplehorn from Fairbanks served as a kind of hostess and encouraged introductions and conversations. The only sad part was that we didn't get enough time to talk to each other, but that was balanced by a great presentation!

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